OREANDA-NEWS The CEO of Duracell in Russia, Yuri Korotaev, in a comment to the Telegram channel "Rise", confirmed the authenticity of the letter about the imminent departure of the brand from the country, in which he addresses business partners, but refused to provide any additional comments.

The only comment Korotayev made concerns environmental projects, which the company wants to preserve. The document itself was previously published by the Telegram channel Mash.

The text of the letter contains a request to provide documents for the final settlements. The head of the Russian branch of Duracell claims that the company will terminate all commercial contracts in Russia, sell off all stocks, and then stop selling any of the company's products in the country.

A representative of Colors Group, one of the official dealers of Duracell in Russia, told TASS that the company has not yet received notifications about the termination of cooperation.

After the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, Duracell products were included in the list of goods for parallel import for some time. However, it was later excluded from the list along with other companies that resumed deliveries to Russia.