OREANDA-NEWS In 2024, financing for the production of exoskeletons of the upper extremities "Exar-34" in Volgograd for wounded participants of the SVO has been doubled, to more than 22 million rubles, compared with 2023. This was reported to TASS by the developer of exoskeletons, Professor of Volgograd State Medical University, head of the Department of Topographic Anatomy Alexander Vorobyov.

In 2022, an innovative center for the creation of exoskeletons for the adaptation of motor functions was opened on the basis of the university. In 2023, the exoskeletons of the Exar-34 arms produced at the center were supplied free of charge to about 100 servicemen who were injured in their military service. The funds were allocated, in particular, from the Presidential Grants Fund. In 2024, the project again received the support of the foundation.

"We successfully completed the first grant," Vorobyov said. - Therefore, we have increased this grant significantly - twice. And now we are preparing to receive military patients who are wounded, who will be very well helped by our development (exoskeleton of arms "Exar-34" - approx. TASS)".

In 2023, about 10 million rubles were allocated for the manufacture of the Exar-34.

As Yevgeny Zozulya, director of the Federal Center for Support of the Development and Production of Exoprostheses, told TASS, the cost of one Exar-34 ranges from 370 thousand to 448 thousand rubles for one and two hands, respectively. For comparison, the price of American analogues of robotic exoskeletons reaches $ 7 thousand.

"The peculiarity of this grant is also that for the first time students of Volgograd Medical University and staff from the Department of Neurology - neurologists - will take part in the implementation. This is a more comprehensive approach to treatment. Our patients often have neurological comorbidities, experienced neurologists will help us in their treatment," Vorobyov noted. He specified that more than 200 students will be involved in the project.

According to the developers, Exar-34, complementing the lost functions of the arm muscles, helps patients undergo a course of rehabilitation therapy. Each exoskeleton is manufactured according to the needs of the patient for 8-12 days - from taking measurements to handing the device over to the owner.

The Volgograd center plans to increase its production capacity. In the future, Exar-34 may become available to all those in need. "Now we are developing GOST for an exoskeleton of the upper extremities for one and two arms, and under this name we will be included in the list (of means of technical rehabilitation - approx. TASS). People will be able to receive compensation [for making and receiving exoskeletons]. And later it is possible to receive electronic certificates for exoskeletons, as for prosthetics," Zozulya said.

He added that now all the efforts of the inventors are thrown at the most sought-after exoskeleton of the hands. However, Volgograd scientists have patented other devices: an exoskeleton of the neck, jaw, as well as special exoskeletons for the surgeon and neurosurgeon, which make it more comfortable and precise manipulations during complex operations. There is also a production exoskeleton for healthy people, the purpose of which is to facilitate physical labor.