OREANDA-NEWS The cost of construction of private houses in Russia has increased by 20-50 percent this year, Ramil Usmanov, President of the Federation of Housing and Communal Services, told Izvestia.

Among the reasons for the sharp growth, the expert identified an increase in demand, a rise in the price of building materials and a shortage of personnel in the construction industry. Another factor influencing the final cost per square meter, he called the desire of buyers to live in the territory of integrated development. Since, according to him, preference is given to cottage settlements, rather than individual houses without infrastructure, the developer also includes expenses for roads, sidewalks, landscaping, playgrounds and sports grounds in the price of the house.

Over the year, private houses in Moscow have fallen in price by more than a quarter. In August, the average cost of a private house in the capital amounted to 33.99 million rubles, which is 28.15 percent less than at the end of last summer. Thus, Moscow lost a kind of leadership in this market to St. Petersburg, where at the same time the median price for houses reached 36.12 million rubles - 5.49 percent more than in 2022.

Earlier it became known that Russians wanted to oblige to prepare project documentation for private homes, supplemented by non-state expertise. It is assumed that the cost of developing an individual project can be 5-10 percent of the construction cost, the media wrote.