OREANDA-NEWS  Even under the conditions of sanctions, Rosatom is fully carrying out scientific research in the interests of foreign customers, new contracts with partners from a number of countries were signed in 2023, according to the annual report of Atomenergoprom JSC (part of Rosatom, consolidates civil assets of the Russian nuclear industry).

"Despite the sanctions and restrictions, research work in the interests of foreign customers is carried out in full. The indicator for foreign revenue was fulfilled by 101% of the target level – $ 11.12 million, and the portfolio of foreign orders exceeded the target value by 82% and amounted to $ 36.32 million," the report says.

Among the key topics of foreign contracts are "reactor and post–reactor research, supply of highly pure substances and materials, technology development, and product supply."

"During 2023, new contracts were signed with partners from South Korea, China, India, the USA, Belarus and Uzbekistan for the provision of services and high-tech experiments at the Russian research base, as well as for the supply of high-tech products," the report says.

Rosatom has repeatedly stressed that international cooperation in peaceful nuclear energy should be free from political conjuncture.