OREANDA-NEWS  A new multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) is being developed in Russia that will be able to work both with a crew and in an unmanned mode, the developers told Sputnik.

"At the moment, we are developing a robotization kit for the regular BMP-3 [infantry fighting vehicle]. In addition, we are working on the robotization of a promising multiple launch rocket system. This will make it possible to exclude the presence of the crew of the combat vehicle in the danger zone, while we will also retain the ability to control the MLRS by a person from the cockpit of the combat vehicle," Vladimir Pimenov, General Director of VNII Signal (part of Rostec High-Precision Systems Holding Company) said.If it enters service, it will be the first robotic weapon of this type in the Russian military.Pimenov explained to Sputnik that a "full" robotization of such an MLRS is inappropriate, since its technical characteristics inevitably decrease in unmanned mode.