OREANDA-NEWS In August 2023, Russian fertilizer exporters stopped offering fertilizers such as diammonium phosphate (DAP) to Indian buyers at discounted prices. This is reported by Reuters with reference to sources.

If earlier discounts on DAP for Indian buyers reached $ 80 per ton, now Russian suppliers refuse to provide a discount even in the amount of five dollars. Now the average selling prices for this type of product are about $ 570, including freight, which corresponds to the cost of fertilizers offered to other Asian buyers, said a representative of one of the Indian importers. By the end of August, the cost of urea from Russian suppliers increased from $ 300 per ton to $ 400, an employee of another Indian company added.

The refusal to provide discounts was due to a reduction in global supplies. Purchases of fertilizers at market value may increase India's import costs and put additional pressure on the authorities of the Asian country due to the need to allocate state subsidies as a measure to support local importers, the agency's interlocutors warned.