OREANDA-NEWS. The pilot project will begin to be implemented this summer in Mordovia and Moscow. It is interesting that this experiment began with the order of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin that it is necessary to organize direct deliveries from the domestic producer to the consumer. At the initial stage, it is planned to sell domestic wines.

Surprisingly, this project received conceptual support from the Russian Ministry of Finance. Russian Post is a member of the government's specialized working group. The need to implement such a project is based on the statement that this practice is common in a number of developed countries.

At the same time, online sales of alcoholic beverages are currently prohibited in Russia, but a number of business associations are in favor of such permission. However, the Ministry of Health still does not support this initiative.

As one of the options for how to circumvent the ban on the online sale of alcohol, the following format is proposed. The client will be able to leave an online application only at the post office, where it will be possible to identify his age.

Experts gave an approximate estimate of how much the approximate turnover of this market can lead to. According to them, by 2025, the volume of annual revenue in this segment can reach up to 100 billion rubles. At this stage, the project requires an investment of approximately 5 billion rubles in the next 5 years.