OREANDA-NEWS  The conversation about Nord Stream 2 is reaching a fundamental level. This is according to the words of the President of Ukraine. But Prime Minister Denis Shmygal, speaking at a press conference in Vilnius, called the information about the completion of the gas pipeline construction rumors and, moreover, groundless.

However, almost immediately after it turned out that the prime minister had already moved on to the next stage of accepting the inevitable, the stage of bargaining, since he said that if something happened, he and his partners would definitely agree on compensation for economic losses. Even though, there is being primarily talked about a threat to the national security of a number of European countries. How is it ... Well, let's just say, humanly - talking about a project that supposedly can threaten not only your country, but also your neighbors, first of all think about your own wallet.

It is wanted that the gas pipeline to be really completed, so that from the category of potential everything goes into the category of the current one - both a benefit for Russia and a benefit for European countries. It should be clearly understood that even after that, questions about the pipeline will be asked regularly.