OREANDA-NEWS  Documents on the transfer of the Knauf building materials manufacturer's business in Russia to local management have not yet been received by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. After they arrive, the conditions will be clear, but the reasons are probably the economy, including logistics, and not politics, said State Secretary - Deputy head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Viktor Yevtukhov.

On Monday, the German manufacturer announced its intention to transfer its business in Russia to local management.

"We have not yet received the documents that should be considered by the government commission, which is headed by (Finance Minister - ed.) Anton Siluanov. In these documents, when they arrive, it will be written on what conditions Knauf is going to leave Russia. On the terms of return, without return, for a ruble or for 50% of the market value? We will all have to look at and analyze... Further, as soon as they submit an application, we will consider it," Yevtukhov said on the sidelines of the Innoprom forum. Central Asia".

At the same time, he noted that the company has experienced management, a large staff, high-quality products, and if this company wants to return, it will have the right to a two-year option.