OREANDA-NEWS JSC Tolyattiazot (TOAZ) is going to increase ammonia production from 3.5 million tons to 4 million tons per year by 2035 (an increase of 14%), carbamide - from 1.76 million tons to 3.9 million tons (an increase of 2.2 times).

According to the annual report, this is provided for by the approved enterprise development strategy for 2024-2035.

It is also planned to develop the product portfolio by processing carbamide and ammonia into products with higher added value.

The company can allocate more than 150 billion rubles for development until 2035.

As part of the strategy, the possibility of building the 4th and 5th carbamide units with a capacity of 850 thousand tons per year each (capex projects are estimated at 44.02 billion rubles and 45.2 billion rubles, respectively), nitric acid units with a capacity of 690 thousand tons per year (capex 11.4 billion rubles), ammonium nitrate with a capacity of 786 thousand tons per year and carbamide-ammonia mixture (CAS) with a capacity of 500 thousand tons per year (capex projects 25.2 billion rubles), melamine with a capacity of 200 thousand tons per year (capex 27 billion rubles) and NPK with a capacity of 100 thousand tons per year (capex 350 million rubles).

The TOAZ report says that this year the company will focus, in particular, on the production and sale of a reagent for cleaning diesel exhaust gases (AdBlue, production began in the spring of this year), reconstruction of the methanol storage and shipment warehouse from the loading ramp, expansion of the ammonia filling system in railway tanks.

In 2023, TOAZ produced 1.64 million tons of urea, which is 1.8 times more than in 2022, and ammonia production increased by 13.4% to 1.601 million tons.

In 2021, TOAZ produced 913 thousand tons of urea and 3.051 million tons of ammonia. The indicator of that year for ammonia production became a record for the entire activity of the enterprise, for carbamide it was the second, losing to the production of 915 thousand tons in 1990. For 2022, the figures were not promptly disclosed.

Tolyattiazot is one of the world's largest ammonia producers. The production capacity of the enterprise is more than 3.5 million tons of ammonia at seven large-tonnage units and 1.76 million tons of urea per year at three units (urea unit No. 3 with a capacity of 2.2 thousand tons per day was put into commercial operation in December 2023). Currently, an ammonia transshipment terminal in the Taman seaport is under active construction.