OREANDA-NEWS. Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, has launched a new advertising campaign to support new tariff plan − “My Tele2”. Out-of-home, TV and radio ads are exhibiting an honest approach to price setting: subscriber fee at Tele2 does no start growing in the second month.

Characters of Tele2 videos appear as scientists who are carrying out experiments on various tariff plans in a lab and notice weird behavior in one of the species: starting from the second month it is starting growing in price. They find an explanation: “Such things happen, when growth stimulators are added to the price.”

Then scientists carrying out a new species – “My Tele2” tariffs – appear on the screen. Researchers are thoroughly scanning them for the presence of chemicals that provoke price growth and state a lack of any additive components. “It is very simple for us – our unlimited tariff is all natural, any growth stimulators excluded.”

Tele2 launched the “My Tele2” tariff at the beginning of April in all regions of operations. The tariff’s subscribers are not limited in a number of calls to Tele2 numbers not only in the region but also all over Russia (minutes are not expended from a bundle) and may use social networks and messengers without any restrictions.

Tele2 is not “concocting” the price – a subscriber fee at the operator’s proposals remains unchanged and does not increase starting from the second month.