OREANDA-NEWS. Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, has summed up results of one-year operations. Over this time, the operator has provided high-quality coverage and become a leader in terms of data speed in the capital. 

For one-year operations, Tele2 has increased the number of base stations by 50% up to 10 thou and expanded network coverage by 11%. Thus, the operator’s services are available on the territory where 97% of Moscow and the region’s residents live. Since the Moscow launch independent experts have recognized Tele2 as a leader in data speed three times.

Over the reported period, the technical service has provided high-quality coverage of major thoroughfares and highways in Moscow Region, the city centre and its residential suburbs, all airports and railway stations, malls, fitness and business centres. The company’s services are now available at all 35 stations of the Moscow metro: 20 underground and land stations. Besides, the Tele2 network has been rolled out along the Moscow Central Ring (MCR). In September, Dmtel experts carried out independent research and recognized Tele2 services along MCR as the best in quality.

The company has been focused on developing the retail network in the region. Single-brand stores remain the key sales channel. The retail chain now counts 243 Tele2 stores – since the launch of operations their number has more than doubled. Over the past year, a total number of PoS in Moscow Region has increased by 50% and exceeded 16 thou. The company is actively developing its online channel: Tele2 has become the first operator to launch free delivery service in Moscow Region. Since the opening of online store, its visitors have made over 300 thou orders at shop.msk.tele2.ru.

Tele2 subscribers in Moscow are active users of wireless Internet. Average daily volume of data traffic on the Tele2 network exceeds 140 terabytes. The growth of 4G traffic is outpacing that on the 3G network, which points to high penetration of smartphones with LTE support among Moscow subscribers and high quality of 4G connections in the capital. The growth of data traffic is entailed by popularity of bundle tariffs: when connecting to the Tele2 network, over 60% of subscribers sign up to them.

To mark the anniversary of Tele2 operations in Moscow, the company has prepared a large-scale program with surprises and gifts for Muscovites. The event is timed to coincide with the launch of the “Moscow speaking” tariff with limitless calls onto mobile and city numbers of all operators of the region.  From 21 to 23 October visitors of the company’s online shop as well as single-brand stores in Moscow and the region may use a special offer: when connecting to tariffs “Moscow speaking”. “Super Black”, “Ultra Black”, “Pitch Black” clients will get a ticket with an open date for visiting Formula kino cinemas. On the weekend of 22-23 October, Tele2 will congratulate Moscow subscribers who signed up to Tele2 tariffs one year ago and continue using the company’s services. At the end of October, Tele2 will offer all Muscovites to take part in a special event and win gifts.

Igor Zhizhikin, CEO of Moscow macroregion at Tele2:

“The first year of Tele2 operations was productive and rich in events: we have offered Muscovites affordable prices, launched interesting projects and events, opened convenient PoS, built base stations and improved the quality of connections – so that each client could stay in touch and use high-speed wireless Internet. Over this time, we have managed to win loyalty of users thanks to simple and honest tariff policy, top-notch customer service and reliable connections. We want to thank our clients for having chosen Tele2 and staying with us. In our turn, we will always defer to our clients’ opinion, offer high-quality products at affordable prices and perfect customer service.”