OREANDA-NEWS. Android smartphones send far more data to Google than iPhones to Apple's servers. This is the conclusion reached by communication researcher Douglas Leigh from Icelandic Trinity College.

When turned on, each Android smartphone sends 1 MB of information to Google's servers, while the iPhone only sends 42 KB. In standby mode for 12 hours, as the researcher found, devices with a "robot" on board sent a packet of data per megabyte, while an iOS gadget transmitted 52 KB.

It turned out that smartphones send data even when viewing the settings. Some preinstalled applications like Chrome are especially "talkative", and telemetry goes away from them, even if the user is not using the software.

And even the ban on telemetry does not give the expected result - smartphones from both types continue to regularly send data packets to the servers of Google and Apple.

According to Mysmartprice, Google did not agree with the results of the study at all, and called this research method incorrect. The corporation called the collection of data a guarantee of the effective operation of the smartphone. Apple added that iOS has security features that prevent users from tracking their location.