OREANDA-NEWS. Apple will be fined in Brazil for not charging the new iPhone 13. The organization for the protection of consumer rights demanded that the "apple" company include the adapter in the kit of the new gadget, otherwise Tim Cook's company will have to pay a fine.

Last year, Apple was already fined $ 1.9 million for not charging the iPhone 12. This was the maximum penalty possible under Brazilian law. According to the organization for the protection of consumer rights, forcing to buy the charger separately, the company overstates the cost of the device.

At the same time, the regulator noted that they are going to fine Apple not even for the lack of charging itself, but for the fact that the company is hiding it from users. According to the organization, there is not enough information about the lack of a charger on the manufacturer's website.

In Russia, after the presentation of the new iPhone 13, Roskachestvo decided to check the real battery life of the iPhone 13, as well as the quality of the camera and body. The package of the new iPhone was also planned to be checked for the presence of a charger and headphones.

Apple also acknowledged the problem of "screen sluggishness" of iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, explaining that this feature in third-party applications is caused by a bug in iOS 15. It is promised to be fixed in the next updates.