OREANDA-NEWS.   SSE is calling for industry-wide action as it is revealed that only one in twenty customers could identify how much an offer from the big four broadband providers would cost based on their recent adverts.  

SSE’s research comes ahead of new rules to be introduced by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) later this month aimed at tackling confusing broadband pricing. Many broadband deals offer discounted or free broadband, with line rental charges hidden in the small print. 

Although customers were four times more likely (21%) to work out the price of SSE’s last broadband deal compared to the big four, it’s clear further simplification is needed and SSE has now launched a new 18-month unlimited fibre broadband deal based on a simple, single monthly line rental payment – the longest ever deal of its kind. SSE has also made improvements to its advertising, making the cost of phone packages clearer and more transparent so customers know exactly what they’re signing up for.  

SSE welcomes the recent commitment by TalkTalk to introduce a simple, ‘all-in’ deal in the autumn and will itself offer an all-in-one broadband deal, with no contract, to existing customers from the summer – making SSE the first company to allow its customers to pay a single fixed price for both phone and broadband. The deal will reward existing SSE customers, offering them simple, highly competitive, commitment-free broadband deals.   

David Walter, Managing Director of Home Services, Retail said: 

“Broadband has become an essential service and customers should know what they are paying for. As a smaller, challenger brand in the broadband market we believe simple, fair pricing is needed to enable customers to make better informed choices. It’s high time the industry stops confusing customers and we welcome the steps taken by the Advertising Standards Agency and the plans announced by TalkTalk. 

“We want fairer pricing across the board but this can’t be achieved by just one or two companies. We are glad the ASA has decided to step in to ensure there is a level playing field and that all providers are being straight with customers. We’re proud that our new fibre deal is not only one of the cheapest in the market but also one of the simplest and we look forward to offering our existing customers all-in-one, contract-free broadband this summer.”