OREANDA-NEWS. All wireless service providers claim to have the best network. But, the results of the latest scientific testing by independent mobile analytics firm RootMetrics in its National RootScore® report show there is one undisputed winner -- Verizon’s customers.

The RootMetrics study is designed to replicate a customer’s network experience. To do that, RootMetrics uses smartphones purchased “off-the-shelf” in network tests that spanned 265,000 miles in all 50 states from January through June 2016. Testing was conducted in smaller towns and along country roads in addition to the top 125 metro areas.

The results: Verizon was rated #1 in the national RootScore report across all six network performance categories: overall, reliability, data, speed, call and text performance.

The company was also named #1 in the U.S. in overall network performance for the sixth consecutive testing period dating back to 2013, when the studies began.

Verizon won or tied for first place in 48 of 50 states in overall network performance in the RootMetrics State RootScore reports.In the six network award categories – overall, reliability, speed, data, call and text performance – Verizon’s network clearly led, winning or sharing first place in 274 of 300 state-level award categories. That’s three-times more state awards than the nearest competitor.

“These results show that all networks are not the same,” said Nicki Palmer, chief network officer, Verizon Wireless. “The Verizon Network offers unmatched excellence that people can count on -- the largest 4G LTE coverage, unrivaled reliability and the best speeds across the country. No one matches our Network investment, leading edge technology and engineering talent, that delivers the best experience when and where our customers need it.”