OREANDA-NEWS. FedEx Express (FedEx), a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX), and one of the world’s largest express transportation companies, and 7-ELEVEN, the largest convenience store chain in Taiwan, today announced the introduction of FedEx iShip drop-off service to more than 5,000 7-ELEVEN stores around Taiwan. This represents a significant expansion of FedEx Authorized Ship Centers to more than 6,300 retail service points.

FedEx iShip is an easy and convenient shipping option available to non-account holders. Customers can drop off their FedEx International Priority® service document shipments at their preferred 7-ELEVEN locations 24/7 at no additional charge and in just three steps:

  • Step 1: Fill out an electronic AirWay Bill at the FedEx iShip website and receive a payment code;
  • Step 2: Print out a payment slip using the payment code at an ibon machine; and
  • Step 3: Drop off the document shipment and pay at the 7-ELEVEN store.

“At FedEx, we are committed to connecting customers to convenience,” said Michael Chu, managing director, FedEx Express, Taiwan. “Customers today increasingly demand flexibility, and our service enhancement with 7-ELEVEN is a solution to that. Through 7-ELEVEN’s extensive retail network, we make it easier for customers to pay for and ship their document shipments.”

“According to the latest data, cross-border shipments handled by 7-ELEVEN achieved a 20 percent growth year-over-year, demonstrating increased demand for shipment drop-off and pick-up services,” said a spokesperson for 7-ELEVEN. “Following the introduction of inbound package pick-up service with FedEx last year, we have expanded our strategic collaboration to launch the new, exclusive FedEx iShip service for outbound document shipments at 7-ELEVEN. With FedEx iShip, customers do not have to fill in the traditional paper Air Waybill; they can simply book the shipping service at the FedEx website and ship at any 7-ELEVEN store any time.”

The launch of FedEx iShip drop-off service for document shipments builds on when FedEx first extended its service to 7-ELEVEN in 2015 by offering customers the option to pick up their inbound packages at the 7-ELEVEN location of their choice[2]. Customers can now enjoy both pick-up service for inbound packages and drop-off service for outbound document shipments at 7-ELEVEN.