OREANDA-NEWS. Many Chinese citizens admire the courage of Russian President Vladimir Putin in protecting the national interests of the Russian Federation. Thus, the Chinese edition of the Global Times commented on the large press conference of the Russian leader, which took place on December 23.

According to the published material, "many Chinese admire Putin's courage to defend Russia's national interests." The publication notes that, to some extent, China has found itself in a position similar to that of Russia, since the United States is bringing its military infrastructure closer not only to the Russian borders, but also to the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait. Such actions by the United States threaten sovereignty and security, the article says.

At the same time, the author of the material advises Beijing to take the same "tough position as Russia, opposing the United States."

During the press conference, Putin recalled the previous unkept promises of the North Atlantic Alliance not to move eastward. The head of state noted that Russia was “cheated” and brazenly deceived.

At the same time, the Chinese edition also commented on the statement of the Russian leader on relations between Russia and China. Putin pointed out that the countries cooperate in energy, nuclear energy, space, humanitarian and security sectors. At the same time, he described the relations between the two powers as friendly. Chinese experts highly appreciated these words of the President of the Russian Federation.

The Chinese edition of China Youth Daily also commented on Putin's big press conference. The author of the article drew attention to the fact that the Russian leader also raised the topic of boycotting the 2022 Olympics in Beijing.

The President of the Russian Federation stressed that this decision was erroneous. A reporter for a Chinese publication agreed with this opinion, noting Putin's desire to come to China for the opening ceremony of the Games.