OREANDA-NEWS. In Russia, there has been a surge in the interest of fraudsters in the owners of crypto wallets, according to a press release from ESET received by Gazeta.Ru.

Today, every tenth cryptocurrency scam occurs in Russia (10% of all detected cases), followed by Peru (6.8% of the total), and the third by the United States (5.3%). The most common way of deception is fake sites of investment sites, where potential cryptocurrency investors are lured by aggressive advertising tools. Also, ESET threat researchers have found the method is growing in popularity, attracting the names of celebrities who allegedly invest in cryptocurrency and urge their fans to do the same.

“Hackers spend a lot of money to create high-quality fake pages of famous people on social networks, and then arrange mailings on phishing resources on their behalf. New investors are asked to make a deposit or immediately spend a large amount on the purchase of cryptocurrency. Holders of existing crypto wallets are trying to persuade them to share their account credentials under the pretext of further growth in profitability, ”explained Jiri Kropac, head of ESET threat detection laboratories.

As for software designed to steal cryptocurrencies or hijack users' devices in order to secretly mine currency, sites with adult content, free streaming portals, torrent sites, and cryptocurrency-themed forums are still platforms for such Trojans.

Earlier it became known that Alibaba will prohibit the sale of mining equipment on its platform.