OREANDA-NEWSThe president and founder of the Chinese technology giant Huawei, Ren Zhengfei, opposed the ban in China of the products of his American rival Apple. “Firstly, this won't happen. And secondly, if this happens, I will be the first to oppose, ”he said in an interview with Bloomberg Television. Zhengfei called Apple his teacher. “As a student, why should I go against the teacher? Never”, he said.

On May 16, US President Donald Trump signed a decree imposing a state of emergency in the country to ensure the security of the country's information and communication infrastructure. The decree allows you to block the purchase by American companies of equipment that poses a threat to national security. On the same day, Huawei and its units were blacklisted by the US Department of Commerce - the so-called Entity List.

A few days later, the American trade department issued a temporary license to the Chinese manufacturer for three months. A little later, Trump admitted that Huawei could become part of a US-China trade deal. But Zhengfei said he wasn't related to Sino-US trade. “It's a big joke,” he commented on Trump’s words. If the US president calls the president of Huawei, the latter will ignore him. “Who will he Trump negotiate with?” If he calls, I can't answer. But he doesn't have my number, ”said Zhengfei.

The founder of Huawei acknowledged that the ban on doing business in the United States may, for a while, adversely affect the performance of his company. At the same time, he is confident that Huawei will either increase its own supply of chips, or find alternatives to preserve the advantages in the smartphone and 5G market. He spoke about the company's prospects: “It depends on how quickly our repairmen can repair the aircraft.” According to the president of Huawei, "regardless of the materials they use, whether it is fabric or metal, we won't deviate from our goal - to keep the plane in the sky."