OREANDA-NEWSA possible increase in US sanctions against Chinese technology companies will not stop China's research in the field of the sixth generation of communications - 6G. About this on Friday writes the Chinese newspaper, citing the opinion of Chinese experts.

"The United States will certainly be on the lookout for Chinese 6G research. The administration of [US President Donald] Trump may impose tighter sanctions on Chinese companies, including Huawei and ZTE, as well as expand the ban on technology exchanges with Chinese companies in an attempt to to curb the development of 6G in China", said Xiang Ligan, general manager of the Beijing-based Union for the Promotion of Information Consumption. "However, US sanctions and bans will not be able to restrain China and will only help the Chinese technology industry develop at a faster pace", he stressed.

According to the Global Times, citing industry insiders, “6G technology development in China, while not aimed at the United States, will inevitably be a new cause for concern for the United States”. Research in the field of 6G erodes international borders, and therefore the US approach to the development of the technological sphere, which consists in isolation, will very soon remain far behind, the publication reports.