OREANDA-NEWS. A 12-year-old child from Connecticut, USA, decided to repeat the popular TikTok challenge in a bottle filled with alcohol and was hospitalized with severe burns. This was reported by the Daily Mail newspaper.

The boy injured in the challenge was taken to Yale Children's Hospital in New Haven and then transferred to the Bridgeport Hospital Burn Center.

The trick called whoosh bottle is as follows: alcohol is poured into a large bottle, and when the vapors fill the container, a lighted match is thrown into it. As a result, a spectacular blue flame descends from the neck to the base of the container. The experiment is intended to demonstrate combustion and is sometimes conducted by teachers in the classroom.

Fire chief Matt Marcarelli noted that the incident "could have easily been fatal, as well as a serious fire in the house." He recalled that alcohol is a flammable liquid that can accelerate the spread of fire.

This isn't the only TikTok trick that can lead to serious injury. In August, doctors declared dangerous a popular Milk Crate Challenge in a challenge, and the administration of the service banned the posting of the corresponding videos.

In March, a 12-year-old American from Denver named Joshua Haylesus ended up in the hospital after attempting a TikTok choke challenge. Doctors noted that the child's brain died as a result of blocking access to oxygen.