OREANDA-NEWS The Presidents of Russia and Belarus, Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko, have instructed to resolve the issue of roaming cancellation by December, the republic's ambassador to Moscow Dmitry Krutoy said following a meeting of the high-level group of the Council of Ministers of the Union State.

"The topic of roaming is one of the key instructions of the leaders of our countries. It should be resolved by the 25th anniversary of the Union Treaty in December," the diplomat said. Today, according to Krutoy, the parties agreed that the roaming tariffs of Russia and Belarus will not be unlimited, otherwise it will put a high burden on the operators of both countries.

He also clarified that the officials took the average data of the International Telecommunication Union as the basis for the future agreement.

"These are global statistics for the past year, which show that the average inhabitant of planet Earth uses roaming tariffs that do not exceed 300 minutes of outgoing calls and 20-25 megabytes of traffic (per month). We entrusted our regulators with approximately this formula," the ambassador explained.

As the diplomat noted, these limits should be enough for basic functions, such as calls in messengers and the use of a navigator, so as not to get lost in Minsk. Now regulators and mobile operators of the two countries must calculate the financial and economic model and approve it if it is acceptable, he added.

As for the results already achieved, now, Krutoy pointed out, only the first stage has been completed — the fee for incoming calls has been canceled.

"There is a question of security protocols, it is being worked out separately by specialized structures. There is an economic issue of the tariffs themselves," the ambassador said.