OREANDA-NEWS Russian State Corporation Roscosmos is negotiating the installation of ground stations of the system of differential correction and monitoring of the GLONASS satellite navigation system in the United States. This was reported to journalists on Friday by the representative of the state Corporation in Kazakhstan Anatoly Krasnikov.

"We put these stations around the world, including Brazil, South America. Naturally, there are quite a lot of them in Russia. We are in talks, including with the United State American side in order to put on the territory of the United States", - said Krasnikov.

According to this information, the stations are designed to ensure the correct operation of the entire system of GLONASS satellites, which are in orbit and the ground part to GLONASS satellites gave the correct navigation signal.

"They are the measurement of the coordinates of satellites is made to adjust their orbit in order to work in that framework which provided. In this case, the calculated accuracy will be achieved. Without these stations, of course, it would be much more difficult to achieve this," the Roscosmos representative explained.

In 2015, it was reported that negotiations on the deployment of the ground infrastructure of the global navigation system GLONASS are conducted with China, Cuba, Nicaragua and Vietnam. In the same year, the national Assembly of Nicaragua voted to establish a Russian satellite tracking station for peaceful purposes. The United States of America was concerned.

Last year, the head of the state Duma Committee on defense Vladimir Shamanov called absurd Western media reports that Russia allegedly monitors us citizens with the help of GLONASS station from Nicaragua.

Earlier in December was reported that "Roskosmos" became a subject of a media attack, ventured to interfere with the country to regain the leadership in space and to create the image of "devouring Federal funds" of the Corporation. Such a statement in an interview made the head of the press service of the company Vladimir Ustimenko.