OREANDA-NEWS. An experiment involving the organization of a data center in near-earth orbit was agreed to be carried out by two Russian firms: RuVDS and Orbital Express. They believe that being in space will further secure the data.

Vedomosti reported about the agreement signed by the companies to jointly conduct a similar experiment. RuVDS, which sells data storage and processing services to large business users, will be responsible for the server component of the project. And the Skolkovo resident Orbital Express, which is developing the launch system, will undertake everything related to the satellite's manufacturing and testing.

At the same time, the companies are going to send the servers into space with the help of Roskosmos's subsidiary, Glavkosmos Launch Services. According to its tariffs, the launch of a 5-kilogram experimental satellite-datacenter will cost $ 75,000.

The initial task of the space server will be to receive and process data from other spacecraft in near-earth orbit. This will allow any organization operating in space to save on expensive space traffic by filtering and not transmitting to Earth, for example, unsuccessful space photographs.

According to the authors of the project, the key feature of such a data center in space is its safety. They expect that banks or companies working in the field of blockchain technologies may be interested in placing their data in it.