OREANDA-NEWS. In connection with the tragedy in Kazan in Russia, it is necessary to create a system that will react to trigger phrases that indicate criminal intentions. This proposal was made by Anton Gorelkin, a member of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Information Technology and Communications. He gave an example of how it works in the commercial sector on the Internet.

Gorelkin explained in his Telegram channel how it works: “Whenever I search or even in private correspondence by messenger, email, social network, mention a product or service, advertising banners and links immediately start to fall on me. on this topic. That is, commercial AI very accurately and quickly track my interests and intentions. "He noted that it is necessary to create the same scheme, but which will track criminal intentions, so that law enforcement officers and special services can work with information already filtered from the Network.

The deputy stressed that before the shooting in the Kazan school, the terrorist posted a post about his intentions on Telegram. "Most of the mass shooters of recent years have done this - they warned of their intentions on the Web," he points out.

After the tragedy in Kazan, the Russian president gave instructions to the government, which should provide assistance to the children affected by the shooting in the Kazan school, to assist the relatives of the victims. The ministers of education and health are leaving for Kazan.