OREANDA-NEWS. Sberbank and its sister company SberCloud introduced the Christofari productive supercomputer, the resources of which will be provided in the cloud and will enable businesses to use artificial intelligence technologies. The presentation of the supercomputer, which the companies presented as the most powerful in Russia, was held on Friday at the AI Journey international conference in Moscow.

The Christofari supercomputer resources will be available from December 12, 2019 to users of the SberCloud cloud service - AI Cloud. Providing supercomputer resources in the cloud will enable users to develop and use artificial intelligence algorithms as conveniently and quickly as possible, the companies explained.

A supercomputer is a very powerful computing complex that can process gigantic amounts of data and perform complex calculations, and to do this in record time. A modern supercomputer is a system consisting of memory modules, processors, drives, and other elements combined into computing nodes connected by a network.