OREANDA-NEWS. Irina Drozdova, a deputy from a village near Omsk, told RIA Novosti that she was pleased with the response of the German authorities to the villagers' appeal on the road situation, despite the fact that it was a refusal.

Residents of the Omsk village of Verkhniy Karbush wrote a letter to Merkel in June, asking for help to repair the road. They justified their appeal to Merkel by the fact that their village was founded by Russian Germans, many residents have German roots. The authorities of the Omsk district of the Omsk region, after a video message from residents, explained that it was planned to repair the road in the settlement this year, but later the repair on Dmitry Karbyshev Street was postponed to 2022 due to the need to recalculate the cost of the project.

The German authorities replied to the residents of the Omsk village that they would not be able to help with the repair of the road, and advised them to contact the International Union of German Culture in Moscow.

"A very good answer came. I have been a deputy for 16 years, and I know what answers we get here from officials. They usually send everything to each other ... As a result, the last one answers and it is already unclear what. And here they answered that we cannot help, but we can give the coordinates of where you can turn ... The letter contains an e-mail and a phone number, and since our village was really founded by the Germans, we know where to turn, and this is very important for us, "she said RIA Novosti is the author of the letter.

The press secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the situation with the roads in the Omsk village, noted that this is unacceptable negligence on the part of the local authorities, in his opinion, now they will pay attention to the situation.