OREANDA-NEWS. In the Moscow region, as well as throughout the country, telephone fraudsters have become more active in recent years. Law enforcement agencies have already learned how to disclose the crimes they have committed. But a lot also depends on ordinary people - they should be vigilant and not be afraid to ask uncomfortable questions in a conversation with the alleged deceiver.

The Moscow region prosecutor gave advice on how to respond to telephone scammers
Prosecutor of the Moscow Region Sergey Zabaturin shared advice on dealing with telephone scammers in an interview with "360".

“Don't be led by phone scammers. The law enforcement system, of course, reacts to such crimes, but if you yourself are careful, prudent, think about the safety of your property, including financial, then, of course, it will be easier for us to work. There will be fewer such crimes, ”he said.

Sergey Zabaturin added that attackers often introduce themselves as employees of the security service of banks and talk about an alleged attempt to issue a loan to a person. It often happens that the caller is called a law enforcement officer and offers to transfer money to safe accounts for the safety of deposits.

“They called me once, but our dialogue did not work out, because they realized that I was simply wasting time and asking them not the typical questions they were ready to answer. You need to be less gullible in such matters, more careful and, perhaps, in a good way, arrogant. Do not be afraid to ask those questions that scammers do not expect, ”explained the Moscow region prosecutor.

Sergei Zabaturin recalled that the method of social engineering used by fraudsters is based on psychology.

“Crimes are committed using information and telecommunication technologies. We have a wave of such crimes, as well as in the country in general. The law enforcement agencies have already, in my opinion, learned how to disclose them, "Zabaturin emphasized.

The algorithms necessary for this, according to him, have already been found. And there are also successful results in bringing telephone and cyber fraudsters to criminal responsibility - as well as the verdicts that have taken place in similar criminal cases.

“But, unfortunately, the number of such crimes is not decreasing,” the prosecutor said.

He called the situation with the state of crime in the region as a whole quite stable: the growth of registered crimes is insignificant - 0.5%.