OREANDA-NEWS. The UK Department of Defense has published a new cyber resilience strategy, TechUK reported.

The strategy says that by 2026, critical defense functions must be "significantly strengthened to protect against cyber threats, and no later than 2030, all defense organizations must be resistant to all known methods of cyber attacks."

The portal notes that in recent years the UK has made notable progress in the issue of resilience to cyber attacks, but “there remains a significant gap between today's cyber resilience and what it should be.”

“This gap is growing dramatically due to the sheer volume of cyberattacks that the government sector is exposed to by malicious actors,” according to the TechUK website.

In this regard, the concept of the cyber resilience strategy is to strengthen the UK in the cyber sphere and increase its credibility as a democratic and responsible cyber power, concluded TechUK.

Since the beginning of the Russian special military operation on Sberbank, up to several dozen cyber attacks have been carried out daily, Stanislav Kuznetsov, deputy chairman of the board of Sberbank, said earlier.

“Since the start of the special military operation, Sberbank has been under continuous cyberattacks and regularly registers increased activity of hackers. The bank records up to several dozen simultaneous DDoS attacks every day,” Kuznetsov said.