OREANDA-NEWS. Twitter has not removed nearly 500 banned posts, according to the Roskomnadzor website.

The message says: "Since 2015, the site has not removed more than six thousand prohibited materials. After the application of measures to slow down social network traffic, 490 materials remain unremoved. The average time to meet the requirements for the removal of prohibited materials has been reduced from 129 to eight days."

In addition, the agency identified 11 cases of censorship of Russian media and information resources, including Russia Today, Sputnik, RIA Novosti, as well as several accounts of Russian users and projects (Leaders of Russia, Sputnik V vaccine and others). In addition, the processing of personal data has not been localized.

"Ten protocols on administrative offenses have been drawn up. To date, all the protocols have been reviewed by the courts, the total amount of fines for failure to delete prohibited information is 27.9 million rubles. For non-compliance with the requirements of Russian legislation on data localization - four million rubles," the release says.

Roskomnadzor noted that the above-mentioned measures of influence are based on the principle of information sovereignty and transparency and, in general, "are much more tolerant than similar regulation in many foreign countries, including the United States."