OREANDA-NEWS. The UK Foreign Office has imposed sanctions against Russian war correspondents, journalists and publications. Restrictions threaten them because of the coverage of the special operation in Ukraine, the ministry said in a statement.

War correspondents who work with Russian troops in Ukraine fell under the sanctions, the report says.

Russian journalists are banned from entering the UK, their British bank accounts (if detected) are subject to freezing. Such measures were taken against journalist Naila Asker-zade, war correspondents Yevgeny Poddubny, Alexander Kots, Dmitry Steshin, TV presenter Mikhail Leontyev, assistant to the President of the Russian Federation, and Maxim Oreshkin, chairman of the board of directors of Channel One.

Restrictions also affected the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting (VGTRK), the Inforos news agency, the SouthFront website and the online magazine Strategic Culture Foundation. According to the Foreign Ministry, they are spreading misinformation about Russia's special operation in Ukraine.