OREANDA-NEWS The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, in her Telegram channel called the words of the head of the German Foreign Ministry, Annalena Berbock, that Russia uses famine as a weapon, a cynical lie.

The Russian diplomat said that "using hunger is in the historical traditions of Germany." She also added that since the beginning of this year, Germany has doubled its imports of agricultural products, buying food surpluses from the world market. In March alone, a record amount of agricultural products was imported into the country - worth over 3.4 billion euros.

In this regard, Zakharova doubted that Germany was really worried about the problem of hunger.

“German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock said that Russia is “using hunger as a weapon.” An illiterate and cynical lie,” Zakharova said.

Earlier, Burbock said that Russia "is using hunger as a weapon." According to her, Moscow is trying to shift the blame for the sharp rise in food prices to others and blocking ports in the Black Sea.