Power industry

01.07.2022, 11:05
Japan Announces Electricity Saving Regime for First Time in Seven Years
13.05.2022, 18:53
A subsidiary of Inter RAO, RAO Nordic Oy, will suspend electricity supplies to Finland at 01:00 Moscow time on May 14.
19.04.2022, 17:24
The Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia has announced an energy crisis in the country until December 31 in the supply of petroleum products.
05.04.2022, 13:44
The Ministry of Energy of Russia does not rule out the possibility of transferring electricity exports to ruble payments.
31.03.2022, 11:07

Musk clarified that in Canada, payment is made for charging time, and not for kWh, and promised to change this rule.

07.03.2022, 13:44
French Economy Minister Bruno Le Mer called on the country's residents to use energy more wisely due to the rapid rise in energy prices.
23.02.2022, 15:17
Kiev has suspended the import of electricity from Minsk since Wednesday, February 23.
11.01.2022, 17:54
UK-based energy company Ovo Energy has apologized to its customers.
24.12.2021, 13:07
The price of electricity in Russia is now 20 times lower than in Europe. This was announced on Friday, December 24, by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak.
17.11.2021, 17:24
The Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Belarus said that the country will stop supplying electricity to Ukraine starting from November 18. It is reported by "Interfax".
09.11.2021, 16:47
Belarus continues supplying electricity to Ukraine under the contract signed for November.
01.11.2021, 15:04
Russian gas began to flow to Moldova under a new contract.
01.11.2021, 14:39
Ukraine is on the verge of an energy catastrophe after a quarrel with the authorities of the Russian Federation and Belarus.
01.11.2021, 13:17
Yuriy Vitrenko compared Russian President Putin's demand to pump additional gas through the «Nord Stream 2» gas pipeline with a "geopolitical weapon" Moscow is using.
28.10.2021, 11:27
China has officially turned to Inter RAO with a request to double the supply of electricity in November and December.


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