OREANDA-NEWS Due to the fall in wholesale prices at Russian gas stations, gasoline began to become cheaper. In the first week of March, the price of AI-92 gasoline on the St. Petersburg International Commodity Exchange fell by 11.6%, AI-95 - by 9.6%, diesel fuel - by 12%. By mid-March, the price decline continued. Maxim Shaskolsky, head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS), also said that the cost of gasoline in Russia should fall.

The first to reduce gasoline prices were independent gas stations that buy fuel on the stock exchange - from traders or directly. At the gas stations of the Standard Oil network in the Nizhny Novgorod region, gasoline has fallen by 1 ruble, companies in Primorye are reducing prices by 1-2 rubles.

Gasoline is now getting cheaper at gas stations, where it cost more than at large chains, said Yevgeny Arkusha, president of the Russian Fuel Union. According to him, the trend is observed throughout Russia and the decline in wholesale prices on the stock exchange helped her.

Large oil companies began to supply more fuel to the exchanges, said Dmitry Gusev, vice president of the Independent Fuel Union. Gasoline production has increased, while exports have declined. In addition, gasoline and diesel fuel from Belarus began to appear on the Russian market - previously local suppliers sent it to Ukraine and the Baltic States.

The key rate, which the Central Bank raised to 20% due to sanctions against Russia, may prevent a further drop in gasoline prices. Owners of independent gas stations usually buy fuel on credit. Banks have already begun to warn businesses that the rates on revolving loans will rise to 25% per annum.