OREANDA-NEWS The German Economy Ministry has confirmed that it is in talks with Canada on supplies of turbines for Nord Stream, RIA Novosti reported, according to Gazeta.ru.

German economy ministry spokeswoman Beate Baron said that Germany sees the first reductions in supplies that companies can compensate for in the market, that is, the supply is still guaranteed. According to her, negotiations are held with the Canadian side to clarify the emerging issues.

The day before it was reported that the company "Gazprom" has reduced the supply of gas by "Nord Stream" compared to the plan because of the late return of Siemens gas compressor units from repairs, the exhaustion of the time between repairs of gas compressor units and found faults in engines.

Later, the Berliner Zeitung reported that Siemens confirmed that it could not return the turbine for the Nord Stream pipeline after repairs in Canada.