OREANDA-NEWS Germany is seeking exceptions for the energy sector in case of blocking access of Russian banks to settlements in dollars, Bloomberg reports with reference to the documents.

According to one of the documents, Germany is concerned that supplies to Europe may be at risk without exceptions for the energy sector, and there are no exceptions for Nord Stream 2.

Western countries threaten Russia with "unprecedented" sanctions when implementing aggressive plans attributed to it against Ukraine. Moscow denies such plans. On Tuesday, the German tabloid Bild reported that the United States is considering the possibility of blocking the supply of Russian raw materials. This plan was allegedly developed by the head of the CIA, William Burns, and presented in Berlin.

According to Bloomberg, in the event of Russian "aggression", Germany is ready to sign a package of sanctions, which may include freezing assets and banning operations for a select group of Russian banks, restrictions on the import of certain metals and chemicals from Russia, as well as restrictions on the export of some luxury goods and high-tech goods.

On January 25, the Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany Andriy Melnyk negatively commented that the US authorities, together with Germany, decided to evacuate the staff of diplomatic missions from Kiev. Melnik also demanded that Berlin supply Ukraine with weapons.