OREANDA-NEWS The German government wants to introduce a special levy on gas consumers in the country, Reuters reported, citing a document that came into its possession, according to Gazeta.ru.

The additional fee wants to introduce to help suppliers of fuel, which faced rising prices for imports. According to the newspaper, the introduction of such an additional tax would lead to higher prices for gas for all, not just for certain households, depending on who is their supplier of the resource.

The additional costs want to be distributed among all gas consumers through the organization Trading Hub Europe, which unites the German operators of gas networks.

On the eve, Bloomberg wrote that German energy companies urged the government to help them transfer rising prices to households and businesses amid risks of further cuts in natural gas supplies from Russia to the country.

Earlier on July 1, the press service of Nord Stream AG reported that the Nord Stream pipeline will not operate from July 11 to 21 due to the planned annual repair.