OREANDA-NEWS  Export prices for Russian coal have fallen to a minimum since 2021, so that its supplies through the ports of the northwest and south have become unprofitable. Also, the sale of certain grades of coal through the ports of the Far East gives a negative profitability. Vedomosti writes about this with reference to data from the Center for Price Indices (CCI).

In early April, a ton of coal with a calorie content of 6,000 kcal per kilogram when loaded onto a ship in the Far East cost $ 95 (minus six percent since the beginning of the year), and with a calorie content of 5,500 and 5,000 kcal per kilogram — $ 86 and 67 (minus 7 and 13 percent, respectively). At the terminals in the Black Sea port of Taman, 6,000 kcal of coal per kilogram goes at a price of $ 72 per ton (minus 13 percent), and from the ports of the Baltic Sea — $ 61 (minus 14 percent).

The main reason for this drop in prices was low demand in India and China. Against this background, Russian coal companies are forced to sell their fuel at significant discounts in relation to competitors, which is due to EU sanctions and market restrictions. At the same time, India is increasing its own production, and international quotations on stock exchanges demonstrate relative stability.

Experts note that losses in the supply of coal through Taman reach $ 7 per ton, through the Baltic ports — $ 6. For coal with a calorie content of 5,000 kcal per kilogram in the Far East, the netback is minus 5 dollars per ton.