OREANDA-NEWS  Almost all tankers, against which the United States imposed sanctions for transporting shipments of Russian oil at a price above the ceiling of $ 60 per barrel, have stopped work and have been idle for many months. Bloomberg writes about this with reference to data from ship tracking portals.

In total, since October, restrictive measures have affected 40 vessels (one of them subsequently achieved exclusion from the list). Only one of the currently represented in the relevant register (Primorye) has recently collected cargo. According to the agency, if the tanker manages to unload, other vessels may follow its example. Eight Sovcomflot tankers are located near the ports of Vladivostok and Nakhodka. The second large accumulation of the company's vessels is observed in the Black Sea. It is not known exactly where they are because of the disabled transponders, but they could not secretly pass through the Bosphorus Strait in any case. Three more vessels are in the Baltic Sea

Ten tankers registered to Hennesea Holdings Limited from the UAE are idle off the coasts of China and South Korea, the rest remain in the Mediterranean Sea.

The authors of the material remind that Western sanctions against Russian oil are often criticized for inefficiency, but in the case of prosecution of specific vessels, they look effective. Nevertheless, the tankers that have been hit so far make up a small part of the shadow fleet, with which Russia bypasses the requirements of the G7.