OREANDA-NEWS Amazon, the world's largest online commerce platform, has decided to replace 95 percent of the plastic airbags used in packaging with recyclable paper filler. This is reported by ESGNews.

The company is going to abandon almost 15 billion plastic air bags in a package for delivery in North America. Their full use is planned to be discontinued by the end of 2024. The plan to phase out plastic packaging has been developed as part of an initiative to increase sustainability and reduce waste.

"We want to make sure that customers receive their goods intact. At the same time, the company strives to use as little packaging as possible to reduce waste," said Pat Lindner, a representative of the corporation.

Earlier, investors decided to send money to the world's largest corporations, including Amazon.com Inc. and Nestle SA, a letter demanding that "urgent and necessary measures" be taken to protect and restore ecosystems. The companies were obliged to minimize the negative impact on the environment as soon as possible and set scientifically sound goals for environmental protection.