OREANDA-NEWS. University students, global workers clamor for industry-standard credentials; SAS offers a range of learning options.

With analytics and data science careers exploding, it’s no wonder SAS® Certified applicants have a leg up in a highly competitive job market. In fact, a massive study of 54 million employee profiles on PayScale.com recently pegged knowledge of SAS as the No. 1 career skill translating into salary bumps. To seize the opportunity, workers worldwide are pursuing SAS certifications in record numbers.

Launched in 1999 to validate SAS skills and knowledge, the SAS Global Certification program has seen certifications double in just three and a half years. SAS issued the 100,000th credential in July.     

SAS has long been the standard for industries like banking and pharma; today, demand for SAS skills spans all industries. Aran Canes holds three SAS certifications, and has transferred his skills from the US government to state government to the health care industry. At a state Medicaid office, Canes used SAS Analytics to increase the quality of care for Medicaid recipients. He now works as a senior analytic consultant for a major health insurer, using SAS to improve the overall health and well-being of pharmacy customers.  

“Earning SAS Certification has helped me immensely in my career,” said Canes. “I’ve presented at conferences and lectured at universities on a variety of analytics topics. Most importantly, I have a job which satisfies my intellectual curiosity and pays the bills for my family.”

Five consecutive years of double-digit growth in SAS Certifications has been largely fueled by international workers and university students. More than half of credentials have been awarded in 107 countries outside the US. Approximately one-third of SAS exam takers were college students.

With SAS in place at more than 80,000 business, government and university sites around the world, opportunities abound for students entering the workforce with a SAS Certification.

“The next generation of SAS experts is hitting the job market at the perfect time,” said Sean O’Brien, Vice President of Education and Training at SAS. “A SAS Certification assures employers of superior analytics talent. They know they’re hiring someone who can turn large amounts of complex data into insights to transform the organization.”

Take a SAS Certification exam for just $100

SAS offers credentials in high-demand areas such as advanced analytics, data management and business intelligence. To celebrate the 100,000th credential awarded, SAS is offering exams for just $100 between Aug. 1 and Sept. 18, subject to official rules and guidelines.

Get on the road to SAS certification

The SAS Global Certification program offers a wide variety of SAS training options to help people reach career goals. But there are many ways people can learn SAS, including some no-cost options. SAS University Edition provides free access to SAS software quickly and easily for anyone to learn quantitative analysis. In addition, free e-learning resources and online tutorials are available to help users get started or to get help with specific tasks in SAS.