OREANDA-NEWS By the end of 2023, the demand of Russians for computers assembled in an artisanal way in electronics stores and small workshops has sharply doubled. The share of such devices in the domestic market has increased from 11 to 20 percent, the Izvestia newspaper reports, citing a report by a partner company of several electronics manufacturers.

Such computers, which are made to order (often from spare parts brought by the customer) and do not belong to any brand, have become noticeably popular among Russians over the past year. In 12 months, the share of such devices in the Russian market has increased by 9 percentage points. In quantitative terms, the indicator reached the level of 260 thousand units.

Eldar Murtazin, a leading analyst at Mobile Research Group, claims that the growth of interest in these devices in Russia is observed for the first time in several decades. He attributed this dynamic to a number of factors, including the withdrawal of many foreign manufacturers from the Russian market. In addition, computers assembled "on the knee" are often cheaper than imported analogues.

Earlier, Mikhail Sizov, managing partner of Mobius Technologies, said that over the past year, the demand of Russians for the repair of components of foreign electronics and data storage systems has increased 5 times. The sharp increase in demand was caused by problems in the supply of equipment for foreign computing equipment against the background of increased sanctions pressure.