OREANDA-NEWS  In 2023, the demand for blood pressure monitors in Russia increased by almost 30 percent, the analytical company RNC Pharma told Izvestia.

It is noted that online sales of medical devices have more than doubled - from 890 thousand to 2.2 million units. Buyers spent almost three billion rubles on them. RNC Pharma said that the cost of one gadget is about 1.5-2.5 thousand rubles, but there are cheaper options.

At the same time, 3.8 million devices were sold in the offline segment, but revenue fell by almost 200 million rubles to nine billion.

Oleg Volkov, the medical director of the manufacturing company, explained that the increase was caused by an increase in the proportion of elderly people and an increase in the number of cardiovascular diseases. At the same time, the demand for blood pressure monitors is met mainly by foreign brands.

Earlier it was reported that in Russia in 2024, netizens more often began to look for psychologists for children and specialists who help in the fight against alcohol addiction.