OREANDA-NEWS Only 5% of job seekers today work in the area of ​​which they dreamed in childhood, and most often in childhood, Russians wanted to become doctors or actors, the results of the HeadHunter study showed.

The study showed that the childhood dream and the reality in terms of employment coincided with only 5% of respondents, 17% said they overlap, the majority of Russians (77%) said that the dream remained a dream.

The top five professions that Russians most often dreamed of were under 25 years old were designer (6.23%), doctor (5.66%), actor or actress (5.47%), veterinarian (4.34%) ) and archaeologist. (3.96%). Respondents over 25 years old in childhood were more attracted to the profession of a doctor (7.29%), teachers (6.77%), an astronaut (4.42%), an actor (4.34%) and military (4.12%).

Moreover, 6% of research participants admitted that their childhood dream had come true completely, partially - 18%, and for most (76%) the dream remained a dream.