OREANDA-NEWS  Imported electronics on Russian marketplaces have risen significantly in price. This is reported by Telegram channel T. with reference to the data of trading platforms.

The reason for the change in value was the customs duty on goods imported from abroad. Since April 1, the duty—free import threshold for individuals has been reduced five times - from 1,000 to 200 euros. The amount of the fee depends on the price of the goods and is indicated separately, the newspaper notes. For example, for new OPPO or iPhone smartphones, the payment will be about 11 thousand rubles. When ordering a MacBook Air laptop, you will have to pay more than 26 thousand rubles. The sites report that the calculation of the fee is approximate, and the total amount may change due to fluctuations in the euro exchange rate.

Earlier, the Ozon marketplace began to warn Russians about paying duties when ordering goods from abroad in the amount of 200 euros or more. In the cards of some goods presented on the site, a message appeared about the amount of duty, which is not included in the price of the goods and must be paid at the stage of customs clearance.