OREANDA-NEWS  Sales of potato chips in Russia have increased by 14.7 percent since April 2023, according to Kommersant. This is a positive development, as it indicates a growth in consumer demand for this product.

A Nielsen study shows that there was a decrease of 8.7 percent in the previous year. However, this is still a positive trend, as the chips category continues to grow in terms of physical sales. They now account for 43.5 percent of the total snack market.

Experts attribute this trend to the ability of local companies to replace foreign brands that left the Russian market, such as Pringles from Kellogg's. In February 2024, Chernogolovka, the new owner of Kellogg's Russian business, began producing chips under the Chels brand at a factory in Pskov.

It's worth noting that selling potatoes from your own garden for sale is still illegal in Russia, and those who do so can be fined up to 2,000 rubles. However, growing potatoes for personal use is allowed.