OREANDA-NEWS  In the period from May 27 to June 23, 2024, sales of kvass in Russian retail chains increased by 31.4 percent in physical terms compared to the same period in 2023. The sharp increase in the demand of citizens for this drink is reported by the Kommersant newspaper, citing statistical data from NielsenIQ analysts.

Experts attributed this trend primarily to the establishment of hot weather in the central and southern regions of Russia. Against this background, sales of not only kvass, but also ice cream increased (plus 25.1 percent). In addition, during this period of time, the demand for water (plus 28.1 percent), iced tea and energy (plus 18 percent) and carbonated drinks (plus 8.5 percent) increased in the country.

In the segment of alcoholic beverages, sales of cider (plus 15.3 percent) and beer (plus 8.9 percent) showed a noticeable increase. Juice sales in the country increased by 3 percent in June-July, according to the Association of Retail Companies (ACORT). Dmitry Vostrikov, Executive Director of the Rusprodsoyuz Association, also explained the growing demand for cooling drinks by weather conditions. Drinks and ice cream are extremely sensitive to the weather, he concluded.

Earlier, ATOL analysts reported a noticeable rise in the price of kvass in Russia by the end of May 2024. Over the last month of spring, the cost of one of the key ingredients for making okroshka increased by an average of 20 percent, to 110 rubles per bottle.