OREANDA-NEWS   Russia imported the most sparkling wine from Latvia, Italy and Lithuania for a total of almost 319 million dollars over the past year, Azerbaijan and Germany rounded out the top ten, RIA Novosti calculated based on open data.

Latvia supplied the most sparkling wine to Russia last year - by 167 million dollars against the previous 174 million. Italy is also among the leaders in the supply of festive drinks, with a supply volume of $ 90 million after 98 a year earlier. Lithuania closes the top 3, which increased exports to Russia in a year to 62 from almost 50 million dollars.

In addition, several other countries of the near abroad and Europe entered the top ten. Poland came in fourth place, selling sparkling wine to Russia for $ 16 million after $ 11 million a year earlier. The fifth went to France, whose exports to Russia fell to 3.5 from 8.6 million dollars.

Among all these countries for which there are open data for 2022-2023, Armenia (+241%), Georgia (+77%) and Poland (+44%) increased exports to Russia the most in 2023, while France (-59%), Spain (-40%) and Italy (-9%).
As a result, Russia as a whole imported sparkling wine worth $ 348 million last year, which is 0.9% less than the previous year. According to data from countries that provide a breakdown by type of exported wine, prosecco (109 million dollars), asti (69 million dollars) and champagne (51 million dollars) were sold to Russia the most last year.