OREANDA-NEWS   A modernized complex for inspection and identification of dangerous objects, prohibited substances and emotions of a person in a crowd was presented at the international military-technical forum "Army-2021". This is a Russian development designed to "increase the reliability of the detection of intruders". 

As it was noted by the representative of the manufacturer, the head of the scientific and thematic center "NIIDAR" Nikita Bobkov, the complex with the help of a built-in neural network is able to determine the basic emotions that a person is experiencing at the moment. The main ones are joy, sadness, anger, etc. This will determine whether a person is dangerous or not. Also, the complex recognizes dangerous objects and prohibited substances that a person lost in a crowd can carry with him. 

The modernized complex is called "modernized" because it was already presented at last year's forum but in a different form, and now it has been significantly modified. "The receiving part of the complex used to be located in a 19-inch cabinet, now fits into the dimensions of four packs of cigarettes," said Nikita Bobkov. He also stressed that the complex, which is fully ready for operation, should appear in 2022.